Image of Pam Keene web designer

I believe that web design is an odyssey, not necessarily long, but full of different and exciting discoveries. Like the captain of a ship, a designer’s job is to stay the course of the client’s vision by navigating current best web design practices and standards. Web Odyssey would like to make this journey with you. Together we can make a website that embodies these principles and effectively reaches your audience.

I got my start setting up family reunion websites in the 1990’s for friends and family, then moved on to designing sites for small businesses, and professionals in the medical field. I learned the principles of design along the way, getting my certificate in Web Design in 2011. There have been a lot of changes to how we design for the desktop, tablets, and mobile making for an exciting creative environment.

: an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest
- Merriam-Webster

: a long trip or period involving a lot of different and exciting activities, esp. while searching for something
- Cambridge Dictionary