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Static Website or WordPress

Is your Website just not working for you anymore?

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Is it time to update the look or functionality? Web Odyssey can help you design a site that your audience will enjoy visiting. Together we can build a site that conveys your business message, as well as including contact information, social media interaction, product sales, and more. All sites are responsive to be seen on multiple devices, and have some SEO setup. For more information Contact Us.

Do you need to keep in Contact with your Audience?

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Are you thinking about a blog or newsletter to keep in touch with your audience? Do you have eCommerce, or a portfolio? WordPress may be the right choice for you. A WordPress site allows you to make multiple changes through an easy-to-use dashboard. Web Odyssey will design and style the theme, as well as utilize any plugins, and SEO components. Contact Us today for more information to get started.

Do you need an Information-based or Static Website?

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Will your website have information that doesn’t change or changes infrequently? Then a static website may be your answer. Static websites can do it all they are great for eCommerce, portfolios, and much more. Web Odyssey would have full control over the design, content, and style elements making the website truly your own. Changes to your website would be uploaded to the server by Web Odyssey ensuring consistency and performance. Call today for more information on how you can start building your website.

Do you need to start a Website from scratch?

Web Odyssey can help you determine which type of website would best fit your needs. as well as help you set up your domain, and hosting service. Call to set up a free consultation.

Bringing it all together.

Both WordPress and Static Websites have advantages and disadvantages. WordPress makes it easy for the user to enter new content without the help of the web designer. A Static Website is limitless as far as design possibilities and expandability. WordPress requires more maintenance for keeping it up to date. A Website requires the web designer to make any changes to the website.

*Both come with some SEO setup, such as submitting your domain name to the major search engines (Google, Bing, etc), as well as  setting up Keywords and Meta Descriptions.

*Both have a maintenance fee to keep the sites up to date (software and plugins), updating content, and functioning smoothly.

I highly suggest the implementation of an SSL Certificate, which can usually be obtained through your hosting service. Google now flags sites as unsafe if if this hasn't been done. Web Odyssey can help guide ou through these challenges as well as answer questions, and more! Please Contact Us to set up a free consultation.

Do I need an SSL Certificate for my website?

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Starting July 2018, Google will be flagging websites that don’t have an SSL Certificate/ HTTPS:// with “Not Secure” in the address bar. SSL’s will help with consumer confidence and make the internet more secure.

Google suggests that all pages on all websites have https enabled. There are different types of certificates and prices depending on what your site collects from users. If you collect credit card information, you will need an Extended validation that comes with the green address bar and https, if you don’t collect any information a positive SSL with https will do. The first place to look for an SSL is your hosting provider if they don’t offer an SSL then here are a few trusted names. VeriSign, Geo Trust, Comodo, and DigiCert.

Holiday Events Landing Page

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It’s time to start thinking about holiday events. An event landing page is a good companion to your holiday invitations. You can expand on your events information, add a Google Map, and an RSVP form submitted to your email. Contact Web Odyssey for more information and pricing.

Google has a new web app called “Squoosh”

image of Squoosh web app

Why get excited about a new Google app? Squoosh is a browser page you can use to compress images. Squoosh uses these file formats MozJPEG, OptiPNG, WebP, and browser PNG, JPEG, WebP. WebP is a Google format and from images that I have tried has less pixelation when I zoom in on the compressed images it also reduces to a smaller size than with MozJPEG. Either WebP or MozJPEG will work.

How does Squoosh work? Pretty simple drag an image and drop it on the screen. From the image below you can see on the bottom left of the screen that my image is 6.42 MB, and  4128 x 2322 pixels,  a pretty standard large file size photo. On the bottom right you can see that I used WebP and I took the quality down to 60 this reduced the file size by 77% to 1.45 MB. To reduce the size more, I would resize the image to 2019 x 1136 which takes the image down to 394 kb, 94% smaller. Lastly, download the newly compressed image back to your computer, the button for this is in the lower right of the screen highlighted by the red arrow in the image.

Why should you use this free tool? If you want to use images in WordPress, you should run the images through Squoosh before uploading to your media library. Compressed images will cut down on the load time of your website and in the long run grow your audience.

Squoosh is a good tool for getting your image sizes reduced, so they load faster and maintain image quality.

Contact Web Odyssey for more information.